UX / UI Design

June 2, 2016   ·   Web and Mobile


Aside I also create websites for selected clients. Here are two samples for SMC Model Management and Logopädisches Kompetenzzentrum Aschaffenburg.

Big Data, Small Data, Beautiful Data

The idea is to understand what kind of words newspapers use the most. The visualization is based on the biggest American Newspapers and creates an structure which has similarities with a honeycomb.

The different colors represent different newspapers and bigger bubbles mean that the word was used more. This project was developed in the 3rd semester at h_da.


This project is a dynamic personal realtime recommendation system that enables you to get tips by locals in your area. It adapts the situation of asking a person on the street into the digital world. In the system everybody is a local and has the ability to let people experience the city from their perspective.

You can find people who share similarities with you, like their music taste or lifestyle and they will tell you their favorite locations to eat something, go out, hang out or to see & do something. With every new request you will have a new and unique story to share.

The Idea

The platform we chose for our project is an hybrid iOS App for people who want to enrich their experience while they are in their own city or travelling. Our concept will benefit travellers and locals who don’t want to use touristic guides or check Top Lists on the internet. Its for people who don’t plan their activities beforehand and prefer to follow recommendations from real people that think like themselves. We tried asking people on the street but this left us with many “Sorry, I’m just a tourist” or “I don’t know” answers. That motivated us to create UNCOVER. This project was developed in the 3rd Semester at h_da under the topic "iMobility" where 'i' stands for an interactive, internet-based and intelligent mobile system that supports the daily mobility in our life.

Alex Henker, Ivan Iovine, Christian Tielmann


In cooperation with Microsoft I created in an elective in the 4th semester as part of the interaction design team a social project for the "Lebenshilfe Werkstatt München" which employs people with disabilities. The goal was to digitalize the work environment

and to simplify processes in the workshop. For that we created an application for the Microsoft Surface Tablet which allowes the employes to protocol each workday and to keep track of their achievements.