a kinetic light creature that was exhibited at the Luminale, 2016
Naxoshalle, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

March 14, 2016   ·   Installation

With „Lys„ we presented in 2016 the visitors of one of the biggest light festivals in Europe, the Luminale, an interactive light installation that gets influenced through movement of the visitors. Once a visitor approaches „Lys“ it starts to oscillate slowly and signals that it is reacting to their movements. Those oscillations start to increase if the visitor is moving further towards Lys. Once the visitor is standing in close vicinity to „Lys“, the light tubes will rise and let the visitor enter the light installation.


We 3D Printed and Simulated all of Lys parts to determine how to build the installation. During the process of building LYS we used 45 LED tubes, 90 self-made connectors between the tubes, 50 stepper motors, well over 400m of cables, 50 self-made windings and 10 ESP8266 microprocessors and one Kinect to track the visitors.


LED Tubes with
90 connectors


stepper motors
with 50 windings




meters of
copper cable

LYS was a collaborative project between Dennis Boleslawski, Christian Tielmann Volker Matthes, Vinzenz Reinhardt and me. Thank you all for the great time and for realizing a project of this size, while only working weekends during our university internships. Best wishes and many thanks to Andreas Schindler from Merck who both motivated, and supported us financially. Without his help this project wouldn’t have been possible.