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June 30, 2018   ·   NSYNK


For the International Broadcasting Convention 2018 in Amsterdam I created together with Benita and Valerie an exhibit to showcase the Egripment T10 in a gameified and fun way. This exhibit shows how it is easily possible to visualize features of a small object and to create immerisve and huge virtual worlds around literally everything. Through interaction the users were able to control an augmented telescoping camera crane to explore virtual worlds or play small games.

ARKIT and HOLOLENS - Messengers of AI

I was part of the project "Messengers of AI" to develop an immersive AR opera for Dennis Rudolph's Artwork. We were experimenting with creating the best experience to let the user experience the artwork in the most immersive and interactive way.
All artwork painted in VR with TiltBrush, idea and concept by Dennis Rudolph; music by Justin Ryan Polisky; AR consultancy, development and technical support by NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH, Dennis Boleslawski, Alex Henker, Eno Henze, Jelena Viskoviç.

Interactive Touchscreen Exhibit @ Mondial de l'automobile in Paris

I was part of the NSYNK team to develop five interactive exhibits where visitors have been sensed by a tracking system and teased to interact with the 4K touchscreens. Once trapped, the software involved the visitor into a sensory experience by mixing real time generated images and prerendered highquality 4K image sequences, which could be played by the position of your finger touch in any direction at any speed and velocity.