NODE - Forum for Digital Arts

The biennial festival NODE – Forum for Digital Arts gathers designers, creative coders, digital artists and creatives of the digital media. In 2015 I was part of the marketing team and in 2017 I created an installation.

June 26, 2017   ·   Installation


The symposium is the main conference at NODE and is the place where we open up a broader art or design discourse. Design is a plan to accomplish a particular purpose. Technology allows us to weave design into the fabric of everyday life. Hope is a fundamental source of power. Hope can be professionally created and destroyed. And it is routinely being done by policy makers, politicians, terrorists, product designers, hackers, teachers, journalists, artists and parents.

As part of NSYNK I designed and developed with the help of mobile technologies, an installation for the stage of the symposium which allowed the audience to send their hopes, ideas and comments through a website to printers on stage. Those prints were later used during the barcamp dinner to bring the participants together and open up new conversations and discussions about the topcis of the symposium.


Symposium Curation: Sebastian Oschatz, Aline Franzke
Creative Direction: David Brüll
Photos: Sabine Reitmaier, Sebastian Kujas
Printer Installation: Alex Henker, Dennis Boleslawski
Barcamp dinner: Laura Straßer & Mattia Risaliti


As part of the marketing team we were involed in the preperation of the NODE15 and were resposible for the accreditation and merchandise design and logistics.